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BBS's CEO, John Dagas signs a research agreement with Cyberjaya University College of Medical Science and University of Patras, Greece

BBS’s Primary growth strategy is to connect with the export markets.

As a leader in the market of medicinal cannabis, BBS is focusing on establishing regional headquarters in Europe and Asia for the European Asia Pacific / Middle Eastern markets respectively and has already initiated collaborations between universities in Greece, in Italy, in Malaysia and in Australia focusing on pre-clinical trials.

Pre-clinical trials will be undertaken in the application of medicinal oil for the treatment of various ailments whilst the collaborating partners will also commence research in the “infusion” of medicinal oil into various products, extraction of CBD & THC, preclinical animal studies by using vaping machines, R&D for infusion of CBD in food, makeup and drinks and cell studies for wound healing, oxidative stress.

“The collaborating partners will share knowledge, equipment and researchers to ensure that the knowledge transfer is by-partisan and of benefit to all involved. In particular, our Malaysian University partner is keen to work with the University of Patras and BBS in research and preclinical trials on CBD and various education programs,” stated John Dagas, CEO of BBS Pharmaceuticals.

“We are very excited to be able to connect with global markets keeping in mind that leadership is about vision and responsibility,” continued Mr. Dagas who attended the discussions together with BBS’s Project Director, Mr. Dennis Chung.

“It has taken us a lot of research, investigation and collaboration to find out the best design we can implement for our project,” said Mr Chung, who is also Company Ambassador of BBS.

Mr Chung also stated that the signing of the MOUs between the universities, MGB and BBS is another exciting strategic action being implemented in moving forward with our global network and business growth plans.

Preclinical trials between the collaborative universities will be a great start with each of the universities focusing on certain types of ailments and sharing findings and outcomes.

“Bringing “infusion-products” to the Malaysian market makes good sense, but further discussion and agreement between partners is always needed in order to progress forward with this opportunity,” said Minda Global’s spokesman.

“We are really looking forward to working closely with BBS and the Minda Global, commencing research and clinical trials in a new exciting industry,” said the University of Patras Spokesman.