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Responsible Sourcing

From the conception of our brand “doing the right thing” has been important to our team, our customers and shareholders.

We believe it is the responsibility of every individual to be a good citizen, and we feel that as our business grows and we are becoming a big player in a global market, our impact in the world and on human rights can be just as significant as even larger operations and that we can all make a difference.

While this year has been an important one for us, we do acknowledge we still have much to do and a lot to learn. Training and raising awareness is a vital part of our strategy as well as communicating with the broader team and our collaborations all around the globe who are encouraged to bring ideas and challenge us moving forward.

For a South Australian business, the opportunity to tap into a network of international like-minded brands is invaluable in terms of shared learnings, experiences and making a difference to the world.

Given the complexity of the product and the market we have tapped into, transparency is essential therefore we have employed an experienced Security specialist and facility managers to work with our team and guide us through the more complex issues of the medicinal cannabis industry, keeping our momentum alive as we are moving forward.

At BBS, we recognise that the key to our success is applying those principles across the supply chain and are committed to applying those principles throughout the supply chain of our business.



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