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Our Board of Directors

Critical to the success of BBS in obtaining its licences is the relevant background and experience of the Board particularly in agricultural and security matters. The Board of BBS comprises:

George Vanco

Executive Chairman

In addition to Executive Chairman, George is performing the duties of Managing Director.

In addition to Executive Chairman, George is performing the duties of Managing Director. With qualifications in building and construction and management, George has wide ranging experience working in Municipal and State Government as an advisor to cabinet ministers covering the areas of urban development, industry and trade, transport, science, and information economy.

With more than 23 years of experience in establishing and managing businesses covering commercial management and IT services, construction, industrial chemicals and pharmaceuticals. George has been instrumental in the establishment of BBS, securing the licences and obtaining the necessary development and construction approvals.

Furthermore, George’s input into the design and construction of the company’s production facilities in Australia, including solar and wind powered operations has been pivotal in achieving BBS’s state-of-the-art and carbon neutral operations. Overall, George is responsible for overseeing both the day to day running of the company as well as its long-term strategic growth.

Samuel Butler


Samuel is a Medical Researcher with a background in security technology and agriculture, who is passionate about global leading practices and dedicated to research with the scope of delivering life changing solutions to individuals and the wider community.

Through research and collaboration Samuel has been able to lead with the BBS Board the research arm of this exciting business. He also speaks German.

Samuel has studied medical science. In addition to his studies, he has experience in security technology and agriculture. Samuel has made a significant contribution to the design of site security and IT infrastructure.

Brandon Smith


With a background in Business Operations Management, Construction and Research and Development, Brandon is responsible for BBS’s Operational arm.

Brandon has wide ranging experience in franchise and business management, team coordination management, construction, and sales.

A leader a mentor and a motivator to staff and peers, Brandon, who also speaks Samoan, has held various roles in all aspects of operations within organisations including community groups and not-for-profit organisations.

Executive Team

Dennis Chung

General Manager, Operations

Project Director with over 22 years of experience in project management, development and procurement in Australia and Asia.

Dennis is an experienced senior executive, property development and urban planning consultant, and international business/procurement entrepreneur with extensive private and public sector experience in both the public and commercial areas.

He has managed his own business and consultancy in the areas of property development, project management and international business and procurement for the past 22 years.

His senior management experience in managing major projects across multi-disciplinary teams has given him the understanding and skills to achieve successful outcomes from both a commercial and environmental perspective.

Dennis has extensive experience and Qualifications in Business, Planning, Project Management and International Trade, and is responsible for BBS’s sales, horticulture facilities, cultivation, manufacturing, quality assurance, property, projects and procurement as planned and meets the given deadlines assigned by the Managing Director and BBS’s Board.

He is also BBS’s Ambassador to Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.