Australian government unveils proposal for over-the-counter CBD
April 30, 2020
Local MP, Adrian Pederick visits BBS’s facility…
June 4, 2020

Minister for Trade and Investment, David Ridgway visits BBS’s facility

It was our great honour to host The Hon. David Ridgway, Minister of Trade and Investment, at BBS’s cultivation and production facility.

Together with BBS’s Corporate Team, we had the opportunity to discuss the progress of our project as well as the challenges that the medicinal cannabis industry faces in Australia and worldwide.

Minister Ridgway was impressed by our rate of real progress on our carbon neutral and water-efficient production and manufacturing facility and is keen to see us in operation creating real jobs for South Australians.

“Despite the COVID-19 pandemic we have effectively pre-sold glasshouse number 1 and are now taking orders from across the globe. Our agility and ability to quickly upscale means that no quantity is too large for us to deliver,” said BBS’s CEO, John Dagas.

We remain on track to deliver sustainable economic activity in our great State by creating a significant number of jobs in regional South Australia and we are clustering with other local businesses to deliver on this project.

“Given the currency advantage that Europe enjoys over the Australian dollar, we encourage European buyers to contact us as we intend to grow our exports,” added BBS’s Head of Sales, Michael Kromwyk.

For sales and marketing enquiries, please contact:

Michael Kromwyk
Head of Sales

+61 400 271 985