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Minister for Trade and Investment, David Ridgway visits BBS’s facility
May 28, 2020
Regional Development Australia Murraylands & Riverland impressed with BBS’s progress
June 11, 2020

Local MP, Adrian Pederick visits BBS’s facility…

It has been a busy and productive start of the second quarter here at BBS Pharmaceuticals.

We had the honour toto welcome local Member of Hammond, MP Adrian Pederick who was impressed by the progress of our project as well as the opportunities that would create for the area.

Our project focuses on the clean and green image of our State by being powered by renewables with battery stotorage and a highly efficient glasshouse irrigation system.

When our first climate-controlled glasshouse comes intoto operation, BBS Pharmaceuticals will be the largest producer by volume of medical cannabis flower in Australia with enough additional land in our ownership toto become one of the largest producers globally.

Mr Pederick was really impressed by our rate of real progress on our carbon neutral and water-efficient production and manufacturing facility and showed a real interest in the possibility of an increase of employment in regional SA.

Mr Pederick was also really keen toto discuss the challenges that the medicinal cannabis industry faces in Australia and worldwide and explore ways toto ensure that regional SA is supported.

“It was great toto visit the BBS pharmaceuticals medicinal cannabis facility recently. I believe there is so much potential for medicinal cannabis toto support the health care needs of the community. Facilities like this will assist in the provision and affordability of medicinal cannabis intoto the future,” said Mr Pederick.