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Don’t bring others down!

Message from BBS Pharmaceuticals’  CEO, John Dagas regarding the medicinal cannabis industry.

“The start of 2020 has seen a number of medicinal cannabis companies and professionals lose their way in a challenging, progressive and ever-changing industry, but what’s more disappointing is watching businesses and people celebrate when others fail.

Irrespective of whether mistakes were made in leadership or strategy, it is important to understand that we need to stick together and focus on building each other up, not bringing each other down…

There is enough room for those who are serious to progress and make the medicinal cannabis industry a global industry.

Let’s focus on educating ourselves and others more, and let’s keep supporting each other in a market that’s continuously growing and expanding.

There is room for everyone who wants to work with honesty and integrity in the medicinal cannabis industry.

Honest and kindness always win in the room…”