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Our cultivation facility has the potential for expansion as the acquired land is over 400 acres.

Due to the size of the land and the accessibility to services the potential of growth is significantly larger than the current cultivation plan.

Our estimated manufacturing costs are also estimated to be significantly lower than competitors in our industry as a direct result of the layout of the cultivation facility and the global leading methods employed to grow and produce higher quality plants and the subsequent products.

At a manufacturing level, BBS is working closely with an Australian Innovation company to further develop their state-of-the-art manufacturing capability, hence enhance the quality and output of the manufacturing process.



6 leading






BBS Pharmaceuticals

The 5 year target for BBS is to be “The leading” medicinal Cannabis cultivator and manufacturer in Australia, to have strong market connections at a global level, as well as influence the Australian and South east Asian market as leader in this industry.

The BBS board with the guidance and leadership of their CEO, have developed a sound business growth strategy under an operational framework. Currently the team is working on the final phase of the planning and development of the facility with Local, State and Federal Government oversee. Under the guidance of their newly appointed CEO and their strategic advisors, the board has developed a business ready, operational framework and a robust business plan which includes capital costs, operation expenditure as well as operational revenue forecasting.

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