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Export Control Legislation Amendment (Certification of Narcotic Exports) Bill passes in Australia… - BBS Pharmaceuticals, a licensed cultivator and manufacturer of medicinal cannabis products would like to congratulate Minister David Littleproud and the… […]
Adrian Pederick MP applauds BBS on their site progress… - It has been a busy and productive start of the second quarter here at BBS Pharmaceuticals. We had the honour… […]
Regional Development Australia Murraylands & Riverland impressed with BBS’s progress - It has been a busy and incredibly productive start of the week here at BBS as we are entering the… […]
Local MP, Adrian Pederick visits BBS’s facility… - It has been a busy and productive start of the second quarter here at BBS Pharmaceuticals. We had the honour… […]
Minister for Trade and Investment, David Ridgway visits BBS’s facility - It was our great honour to host The Hon. David Ridgway, Minister of Trade and Investment, at BBS’s cultivation and… […]
Australian government unveils proposal for over-the-counter CBD - Australia has published a framework for new CBD regulations as it considers relaxing its narcotics scheduling of cannabidiol to make… […]
BBS Pharmaceuticals welcomes newly appointed Head of Sales & Marketing - Michael Kromwyk has been appointed Head of Sales and Marketing at BBS Pharmaceuticals with responsibility for brand and marketing programs,… […]
BBS’s CEO John Dagas addresses Covid -19 and moving forward… - These are challenging times as the world responds to the coronavirus outbreak and sets a path to recovery. First off,… […]
Australia’s legal cannabis market predicted to bloom to $1.5 billion by 2025 - As various phases of legalisation come into effect in different parts of Australia, the country’s cannabis market is expected to… […]
Industry Breakthough as Australian Senate Committee pushes for legalisation and increased patient access to medicinal cannabis in Australia! - The Australian Senate Committee has revealed their recommendations from the inquiry 'Current barriers to patient access to medicinal cannabis in… […]

BBS Pharmaceuticals CEO, John Dagas elected on HBio Board…

BBS Pharmaceuticals CEO, John Dagas has been elected on the Hellenic Biocluster Board. Based in Athens, Hellenic Biocluster the first biosciences cluster in Greece bringing together […]

Global cannabis market skyrocketing…

The global cannabis market is expected to reach US$ 153,689.9 Mn in 2027 from US$ 10,838.1 in 2018. The market is estimated to grow with a […]

Is Australia on its way to becoming the world’s largest exporter of medicinal cannabis?

If Australia’s aspiration to become the world’s largest exporter of medicinal cannabis is to be realised, then a further review of the licence regime is required. […]

Medicinal Cannabis; Does it work and what’s the evidence for different conditions…

Thousands of Australians are now using medicinal cannabis to treat conditions like chronic pain and anorexia. Last February, the ABC revealed more than 3,100 medicinal cannabis […]

News ALERT; Parent survey from Stanford University confirms what we already know…

Cannabidiol-enriched cannabis use in pediatric treatment helps with mental health and treatment-resistant epilepsy. Severe childhood epilepsies are characterized by frequent seizures, neurodevelopmental delays, and impaired quality […]

BBS Pharmaceuticals recognised as key player in the global cannabis market…

BBS Pharmaceuticals has been recognised as a key player in the global cannabis market according to a recent report published by Oriana Research. Cannabis Capsule Market […]

Growing use as old cannabis stereotypes are debunked

Cannabis has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries, but despite the therapeutic benefits of the plant, international regulators ultimately deemed it unsafe for the public […]

The imperative for data in the Global Cannabis Economy…

According to New Frontier Data, the legalization of cannabis may prove to be one of the most consequential social changes of our time, and governments, investors, […]

The Global Cannabis Report; What next?

More than 50 countries worldwide have legalized some form of cannabis for medical use, and six — Canada, Uruguay, South Africa, Guam, Georgia, and the Northern […]