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April 14, 2020
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April 23, 2020

BBS’s CEO John Dagas addresses Covid -19 and moving forward…

BBS's CEO, John Dagas

These are challenging times as the world responds toto the coronavirus outbreak and sets a path toto recovery.

First off, our hearts go out toto anyone in our global community who may be affected by the coronavirus and we wish full recovery for those who are ill.

Like you, we have watched the rising numbers of those infected by the virus and we applaud the worldwide efforts toto prevent further infections and tragic deaths.

Although the coronavirus epidemic itself was not something we could predict, as a business it is our duty toto always be prepared for the unexpected and stay invested and focused on our goals, so that we can weather the totough times.

In my 25 plus years in business, I’ve seen many market stotorms and the lesson I have learnt is that panic is never a good ally.

Businesses that deviate from their long-term plans typically regret it later.

Here at BBS we pride ourselves in being a solid business with a strong business plan.

With this in mind and as our site in South Australia is nearing completion and our partners on our trial site in South Africa are working on the cultivation of our strains, we have been putting the finishing totouches toto our senior management team toto ensure that we hit the ground running once these unfortunate global challenges ease.