MediPharm Labs and BBS Pharmaceuticals Announce Partnerships

BBS Pharmaceutical’s Global Collaboration

BBS’s CEO John Dagas visited Bologna in Italy and Vienna investigating agricultural solutions as well as collaboration partners.


During his visit in Italy, John looked at various greenhouse and propagation facilities, equipped with intelligent management and control systems, that improve efficiency and guarantee less energy consumption.

“The purpose of the visit was to connect with leaders in the industry of greenhouse and propagation facility construction and discuss with experts in the field of light technology. Italy is a leader in developing new alternate solutions that enable the constant improvement of production technologies, broadening the range of quality products. The conversation to industry experts regarding cultivation technologies and methods including various greenhouse designs and lighting mediums, gave us a good insight as to where the agricultural industry is heading on a global scale,” said John.


Austria is a leader in producing high quality hemp products. I met with one of the most innovative and progressive companies that specializes in the production of natural hemp extracts with CBD and I was impressed with the ways their team uses the power of nature to improve people’s lives.


The Greek Government appeared very keen to discuss the future of innovation particularly within the medicinal cannabis industry.

John had extensive meetings and discussions with Ministers in the health industry regarding the legalisation and future of pharmaceutical cannabis products.

“We discussed the establishment and operation of industrial-craft plants as part of sustainable framework.”

Through discussions with the HBio business development manager we have been able to establish relationships with various organisations who will be value add to our business. Key players which will be value add to BBS include crop monitoring and protecting companies, research institutions and centres, as well as food manufacturers and distributors.